Fire on the Flight Deck Appendices     Appendices from this novel such as a glossary of naval terms and diagram of an aircraft carrier flight deck.



The Fisher Boy Discussion Guide        For teachers or reading groups to dive deeper into this story of tragedy and triumph.



Aaron Bank Appendices                       Appendices for Aaron Banka nd the Early Days of US Army Special Forces


Hear the man, Aaron Bank:







Beware of jet blast, props, or rotors,

They’ll take a life, two, or three.

Keep your head on a swivel,

It’s a key to survival at sea.


The jets offer a sweet aroma,

The exhaust the heat of Hell.

The intake draws you in,

The call sign a name to tell.


A perilous place to work,

Next to your brother there.

Fair winds and following seas,

A patriot, you did your share.