Fire on the Flight Deck

“Fire on the flight deck!” Ominous words when living on an aircraft carrier hundreds of miles at sea. An American supercarrier flight deck is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous places on earth. Multi-million dollar aircraft launching, landing, and taxiing in the space of a few football fields, all orchestrated by a control tower and flight deck crew whose average age is nineteen.

During the Cold War of the 1980s, this massive ship provided the largest, mobile weapon in the United States arsenal, instilling fear and respect among opposing forces. While the supercarrier can deliver an awesome display of firepower, it carries an inherent danger for those who fly and work among the aircraft. Brian Donley survived boot camp and completed aircraft firefighter training to serve as a yellow shirt on the flight deck of the USS William Halsey. One terrible day, that mighty ship would test Donley’s training, will, and courage.

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“Wow! A page-turner.”

“If you want to know what it’s like to serve on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, read this book.”

“Having spent many hours on a carrier’s flight deck, I can attest to Mr. Sapp’s accuracy of the countless dangers that exist there. “

“A really graphic but very human story.”

Fire on the Flight Deck Appendices

Appendices from this novel such as a glossary of naval terms and diagram of an aircraft carrier flight deck.

a flight deck requiem

Beware of jet blast, props, or rotors, They’ll take a life, two, or three. Keep your head on a swivel, It’s a key to survival at sea.

The jets offer a sweet aroma, The exhaust the heat of Hell. The intake draws you in,The call sign a name to tell.

A perilous place to work, Next to your brother there. Fair winds and following seas, A patriot, you did your share.