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Darren Sapp has written ten books and coached several authors toward their dream of writing a memoir. He’s an experienced speaker in venues across the globe and makes a fascinating podcast guest.


Writing Your First Book

  • Do I have a story worth telling?
  • How do I find a publisher?
  • How long does it take?
  • How many books will I sell?
  • Do I need an audiobook?
  • How hard is the process?
  • Do I need to be an English major?
  • If I write a book do I have to speak in public as well?
  • Is there help available?
  • Where do I begin?

Teamwork and Transformational Culture

  • Why does an aircraft carrier flight deck show a great example of teamwork?
  • What types of people make up a team?
  • How can a leader increase trust?
  • How do we inspire purpose?
  • What is the difference between turnover and retention?
  • What is a transformed culture?
  • What is a High Reliability Organization (HRO)?
  • Who is Navy Bob?
  • What happened at WeWork?
  • What kind of teams are in your book?

Life on an Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck

  • How did you end up in the inaugural crew, a plankowner, of the Theodore Roosevelt?
  • What was boot camp like?
  • What was your first day like on the flight deck?
  • What kind of firefighting training did you have?
  • What color jersey did you where?
  • What’s an average day on a carrier?
  • What did you think of fighter pilots?
  • What was your most difficult day on deck?
  • What made you decide to write a book?
  • Did you base the book on a real fire on the flight deck?

World War II Special Operations and the Birth of the US Army Special Forces

  • What was unique about special operations in World War II?
  • What was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)?
  • Who was Aaron Bank?
  • What was the Cross mission?
  • How does James Bond fit in?
  • How dangerous was the life of a World War II spy?
  • What happened to Aaron Bank after the war?
  • Why is he called The Father of the Green Berets?
  • What makes the US Army Special Forces different from other elite units?
  • How does fiction teach this history?

Darren Sapp has authored multiple works of fiction, non-fiction, and numerous ghostwriting projects. He’s spoken to groups large and small across the globe and recorded commercial voiceover projects, podcasts, and audiobook narration. He served in the U.S. Navy as a yellow shirt on the aircraft carrier flight deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, and holds a Master of History from Southwestern A/G University with a focus on unconventional warfare. He specializes in helping authors take their idea from the whiteboard to book launch through creative ideation, strategic project management, and positive coaching.


“Darren is a highly effective speaker who captivates with inspiring stories of courageous characters, adventure, and
advice woven together in an enchanting way for memorable event.”

– Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman White House Physician (2000-2013)

“Darren Sapp is a gifted speaker as well as a fine writer, and he possesses the additional distinction of military
service on an aircraft carrier flight deck.”

– Dr. Loyd Uglow, History Professor

“I was thrilled to book Darren Sapp as a special presenter. His teachings on plot, outlining, and organization in
writing were well thought out and presented in a friendly and easy-to-understand way.”

– Leah Hinton, President, Writer’s Guild of Texas

“Darren is uniquely gifted in engaging his audience with vivid descriptions and impactful emotional word pictures.
You cannot get tired of listening to him.”

– Dr. Francis Osei, National Coordinator, e3 Partners