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Teamwork Lessons from an Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck

How does the U.S. Navy use, on average, 19-year-olds to safely and efficiently move, launch, and recover multi-million-dollar aircraft on a ship at sea? Not only that, they do it in harm’s way, in some of the roughest waters, all over the globe. It is, quite frankly, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. I’ll show your team how we do that (with plenty of cool flight deck pics) and how they can achieve that same efficiency, productivity, and quality.

Darren Sapp speaking at leadership conference in Orlando, FL
What your team will learn:
  • Four types: Drainers, Doers, Drivers, and Dreamers
  • Do you know your team’s culture?
  • Great artists ship
  • Communication is king
  • Expect stormy weather
  • Do one, watch one, teach one
  • …and much more

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