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Darren is a U.S. Navy flight deck veteran, graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, and holds a Masters of History from Southwestern A/G University. Darren writes inspiring stories of courageous characters. His passion to see orphans cared for, protected, and in many cases adopted, joyfully takes up much of his spare time. He is co-founder of an orphan ministry in Ghana, West Africa. Darren earned a black belt in Shurite Karate and teaches anti-abduction techniques to women and children around the world. He is married to Holly and they somehow survive raising their five children.

Free Stories

Dark Places –

“Matt crept through the doorway and flipped the light switch, lighting a third of the basement. Each step creaked and groaned, torturing his thoughts. He paused on the final step and… (Published in The Piker Press).

Strangers on a Plane –

“Gross? Pretty much. Romantic? Questionable. Immoral? Oh, yeah. You just don’t see this on a plane. Let me explain. (Published in The Lowesoft Chronicle).

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“I could not put it down. I highly recommend it.”

“I felt like I was there with the characters in the book.”

“This book was riveting. I just couldn’t put it down.”

“What a great read!”


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