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Fire on the Flight Deck - by Darren Sapp
Mastering College the tried and true way- by Darren Sapp
Summer of 79 by Darren Sapp
Special Force - by Darren Sapp
Earn a Master's Degree Every Year Through Reading
Aaron Bank and the early days of the US Army Special Forces - by Darren Sapp
Spiraling Upward Hope and Healing After Addiction Mania and Cancer
The FIsher Boy - by Darren Sapp
America's Memory - Stories from the Afghanistan Memory Wall

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Writer / Speaker / Consultant

Darren Sapp has authored multiple works of fiction, non-fiction, and numerous ghostwriting projects. He’s spoken to groups large and small across the globe and recorded commercial voiceover projects, podcasts, and audiobook narration. He served in the U.S. Navy as a yellow shirt on the aircraft carrier flight deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, and holds a Master of History from Southwestern A/G University with a focus on unconventional warfare. He specializes in helping authors take their idea from the whiteboard to book launch through creative ideation, strategic project management, and positive coaching.

You can book Darren to speak using the contact form at the bottom. Topics include:

  • Teamwork Lessons from an Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck  (click for more details)
  • Adoption & Orphan Care
  • Women / Children’s Self-Defense (Interactive)
  • World War II Special Operations
  • True Stories through Fiction
  • Getting that Book Published

Free Reading

Benjamin Franklin: Inventor and Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod, published thousands of words, and served as a founding father of the new American nation, but he also struggled with ordinary matters of life such as sincerity and chastity. His interests comprised many facets of society from science to civic reform to medicine.


Dark Places

“Matt crept through the doorway and flipped the light switch, lighting a third of the basement. Each step creaked and groaned, torturing his thoughts. He paused on the final step and… (Published in The Piker Press).

Cole Younger: Victim of Northern Aggression or Confederate Opportunist?

After several days of hard riding, the posse cornered the bandits that attempted to rob the bank at Northfield, Minnesota. Concealing themselves behind heavy brush and trees, the outlaws refused to surrender. A gunfight ensued killing one bandit, disabling two others, and leaving one, Bob Younger, with the ability to stand and offer an, “I surrender.”

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