Inspiring Stories of Courageous Characters

Fire on the Flight Deck - by Darren Sapp
Mastering College the tried and true way- by Darren Sapp
Beyond the Sea
Summer of 79 by Darren Sapp
Special Force - by Darren Sapp
Earn a Master's Degree Every Year Through Reading
Aaron Bank and the early days of the US Army Special Forces - by Darren Sapp
Spiraling Upward Hope and Healing After Addiction Mania and Cancer
The Tried and True Way Mastering College - by Darren Sapp
The FIsher Boy - by Darren Sapp
America's Memory - Stories from the Afghanistan Memory Wall

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Writer / Speaker / Consultant

Darren has authored multiple works of fiction, non-fiction, and numerous ghostwriting projects. He’s spoken to groups large and small across the globe on writing, publishing, teamwork, and high-reliability. He served in the U.S. Navy as a yellow shirt on the aircraft carrier flight deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, and holds a Masters of History from Southwestern A/G University.

You can book Darren to speak using the contact form at the bottom. Topics include:

  • Teamwork Lessons from an Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck  (click for more details)
  • Adoption & Orphan Care
  • Women / Children’s Self-Defense (Interactive)
  • World War II Special Operations
  • True Stories through Fiction
  • Getting that Book Published

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Dark Places –

“Matt crept through the doorway and flipped the light switch, lighting a third of the basement. Each step creaked and groaned, torturing his thoughts. He paused on the final step and… (Published in The Piker Press).

Strangers on a Plane –

“Gross? Pretty much. Romantic? Questionable. Immoral? Oh, yeah. You just don’t see this on a plane. Let me explain. (Published in The Lowestoft Chronicle).

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