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“The Bible said ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ That was so definite a child could understand it.”[1] Alvin York faced the greatest dilemma of his life […]

Prayers at the inauguration of presidents aren’t unusual, but they are when the newly sworn-in President issues them. Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower—former Supreme Commander in […]

I became very interested in China missions when I traveled there this summer for the adoption of my daughter. I was struck by the busyness […]

With great anticipation, my wife, three kids, and I anxiously stood in a hotel conference room in Nanchang, China last May with twelve other families. […]

  Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod, published thousands of words, and served as a founding father of the new American nation, but he also […]

[Every good thing comes from God and He graciously calls each of us to join Him in the good He is doing.] Twenty-one, wealthy, and […]

Before he became a Christian, David Brainerd had a plan for his life. He’d set his heart on a career in the pulpit and enrolled […]

Jacob DeShazer had every reason to hate his Japanese captors, but God had another plan for him. Hate can’t destroy a man who is determined […]

John Piper looked over the mass of college students anticipating his message. He urged them not to buy into the American dream. His aim was […]