[Every good thing comes from God and He graciously calls each of us to join Him in the good He is doing.] Twenty-one, wealthy, and […]

Before he became a Christian, David Brainerd had a plan for his life. He’d set his heart on a career in the pulpit and enrolled […]

Jacob DeShazer had every reason to hate his Japanese captors, but God had another plan for him. Hate can’t destroy a man who is determined […]

John Piper looked over the mass of college students anticipating his message. He urged them not to buy into the American dream. His aim was […]

Tensions brewed for two years at the 600-member church in Northhampton, Massachusetts where congregants sought to oust their pastor of over twenty years. People will […]

Gross? Pretty much. Romantic? Questionable. Immoral? Oh, yeah. You just don’t see this on a plane. Let me explain. I don’t know his real name, […]

Why was it written? The book of Hebrews was written to encourage believers to mature in their walk with Christ and prevent the pitfall of […]

That’s the moment I knew my plan would work. That braggart, Clint Baker, told his underling that in less than a week, he and his […]